Bailey Menge is a graphic designer and digital illustrator living in Richmond, Virginia to attend classes at Virginia Commonwealth University. She graduated from high school in 2014 with an advanced studies diploma and an AP scholar award. Her passion has always been for art and design, so she entered the Graphic and Media Design program offered at Thomas Nelson Community College.

In Spring 2017, she graduated with an Associate of Applied Science and is currently attending VCUarts to study Communication Arts to complete a Bachelors of Fine Art. With hard work and dedication, she wants to develop her full potential as an artist and confidence in her abilities.

Artist Statement

“My drive to create art comes from my desire to share it with others. I want my ideas to be expressed as clearly as I see them in my head. That being said, my true love is for illustration and I strive everyday to become a better artist than I was yesterday. I hope that one day this will become my focus, but I also know that being well-versed in different media as an artist is so vital. As for my graphic design, I want to be able to evoke a sense of visual intrigue and balance in my pieces. I tend to stay towards a minimal or conservative way for seeing design and composition, everything is placed purposefully.

In this portfolio you will see a wide range of pieces from the course of the program at Thomas Nelson. The projects vary from graphic design, to illustration, to video and motion graphics. I believe my strengths lie with my illustration and graphic design with examples such as my Save The Bees, and Vasilisa The Beautiful.

 I also enjoy video editing, like carefully coloring and timing shots can create a moody atmosphere. What I’ve learned the most is that all of these subjects go hand in hand. My strengths as an artist pull from my strengths as a graphic designer, vice versa.

My goal is to inspire other artists, like they inspired me to continue working hard to improve and reach my goals. I still have a lot to learn and I welcome this journey an open mind.”