Skyline Winery

Adobe Illustrator
Spring 2017
ART 292 Computerized Graphic Design II

This project goal was to create a printable beverage label in Adobe Illustrator. My chosen wine was a red Zinfandel, originating from a hypothetical winery in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains since I read that the grapes are better tasting grown in high altitudes. I wanted a modern graphic label and proceeded to research different approaches to wine labels. For my design I cropped a real section from a topographical map of Virginia, specifically Skyline Drive, hence the creation of my name “Skyline Winery” (since Blue Ridge Winery was already taken). My text was too curvy at first and it seemed to blend in with the organic topographical lines, so I went with a bold noir font to contrast. My final color scheme was a burgundy red on beige to compliment the wine’s color.